CRYSTAL ROCK Carnauba Wax (76% Vol.) state-of-the-art wax SP1015500


CRYSTAL ROCK Carnauba Wax (76% Vol.) state-of-the-art wax SP1015500

With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, the Swissvax Crystal Rock waxes have one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. Swissvax Crystal Rock coats a car's paintwork in a smooth, beautiful, glossy water-repellent film and even brings a shine to white and silver. Crystal Rock is incredible tough and protective: a layer of Crystal Rock Wax will last for 6 to 12 months and can be "topped up" with additional layers for even more protection. When exposed to water, Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax swells and closes its pores to keep water separated from the paintwork of the car. The more layers are applied, the more shine and waterproof the wax is.

Swissvax Crystal Rock is not only the professional's choice amongst auto detailers world-wide but also has become the highest level of standards for all car enthusiasts who demand the best for their vehicles.

Crystal Rock was created, boosting the standard for water repellent properties while achieving a stunning gloss and long-lasting protective durability to all paintwork types. Surely to turn heads in amazement!

Handmade in Switzerland.