LAUNDRY Microfiber Wash SE1091001

  • A washing emulsion perfectly matched to our microfiber cloths
  • Without plasticizers that stick microfibers - the cloth is cleaned and retains its function longer
  • One or two pumps are enough for an excellent washing result
  • 200ml

SWISSVAX has developed the washing concentrate Laundry. A gentle and highly effective detergent for the washing machine. Microfiber cloths can be perfectly cleaned with Laundry. The structure of the microfibers and also the softness of the cloths are thus preserved and SWISSVAX microfiber cloths can be used longer.

Conventional detergents have a high proportion of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, so-called "plasticizers". These additives can "stick" the microfibers and lead to the properties of the microfibers being irreversibly destroyed, especially with high-quality cloths. In addition, some surfactants are harmful to the environment and their reduction contributes to water protection.

SWISSVAX Laundry prevents the fibers from sticking together and the cloths are not only clean, but also have a very pleasant smell – as is usual with SWISSVAX products. Since laundry is a concentrate, a few pumps per cloth are enough to keep it clean and functional.